100% of job seekers of 99% of Fortune 500 companies will be judged/processed by a machine (ATS)

We created 700 equally skilled resumes so that you can audit those judgments and make sure everyone gets a fairer shake.

Together, Let's bring about change

Start testing, I am a ...

The core team

Susie Moon's Headshot
Susie Moon

UX Researcher

Dillon Chi's Headshot
Dillon Chi

UX Researcher

Julian Scaff's Headshot
Julian Scaff

Project Advisor

Special thanks to Ash Ayvar and Amanda Webb of the ArtCenter Career Professional Development for enabling us to license the software for the test. We also would like to thank Azeez Ali, Kevin Simmons, Maggie Hendrie, Rebecca Masbaum, Renée Mascarinas, Robbie Nock, and Siladityaa Sharma, whose expert knowledge and contributions helped shape the project.

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